I’m Paul and this is a blog, concerning my bachelor thesis/project that I'm going to develop in fall semester 2014. It’s an installation that deals with the story of „The Master and Margarita“, a novel, written by Michail Bulgakov. My plan is to create a very long, scrollable illustration for the iPad, where every sequence of the story floats directly to the next. No single-page-images, just one, long page. While a visitor watches the illustration and scrolls through it, the environment around him should change, according to the scene he or she just scrolled to. I'll constantly update my blog with new entries about sketches, artworks, coding-issues and maybe also analytic texts about the story itself.

I hope you enjoy it!


The work on my video about the Master and Margarita project is now finished. Have fun while watching it!

More? Ok…

If you want to get more detailed information about my project, you can read my bachelor thesis and watch the artbook. The thesis covers everything from the conceptional approach through to technology and design aspects. The artbook contains all sketches, illustrations and graphics I created during my work.